Make Money Being a Customer Support Representative

By Brandon Griswold

Are you interested in how to make money being a customer support representative? Well, to be honest customer support representatives actually have a lot of diverse duties that they are required to carry out in order to fulfill their role in the company that they provide services for.

Most of the time you will notice that the majority of customer support representatives are either employed by a large company, and paid an hourly wage through them or they work in a call center environment. The fact is the more knowledge that you have about the subject that you are offering support for, the higher amount of money that you can expect to earn.

You can seek offline, otherwise known as office professions in the customer support industry or you can even look into checking out some of the online opportunities that are offered for agents. One of the biggest upsets however, in regards to online employment is the jobs can be difficult to obtain because you are being forced to compete with people from all around the world that posses different skill levels.

Companies are typically looking for someone that fits their specific guidelines. One of the biggest things that employers seek when it comes to finding someone that will provide their customer support is someone that already has experience dealing with customers. However, some employers will substitute your experience based off of your personality.

Aside from the customer service aspect of the profession, employers are also looking for someone that has experience with the industry that they will be providing support for. Inadvertently, if you were hired on to provide services for a computer company and have never operated a computer; chances are you would not be a great choice as a support representative.

Aside from making money in online sectors as a customer support representative, individuals may be able to market their skills on their own in order to increase their present income. By marketing your skills, this generally means that you are offering support to anyone that needs it that falls within your guidelines.

For example, lets say that you offer support for people that are looking into buying homes, however you normally only fulfill your support duties when you are logged into your working station from 9-5. Why not allow yourself to break away from a typical monotonous 9-5 job and begin providing the same amount of support that you do at your normal job on your own.

This way you can set your own hours and your own prices for your services. If you are still interested in how to make money being a customer support representative, you are implored to think outside the box and you will be amazed at what opportunities lie in front of you. - 32198

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DDR PC3200 - Exactly How Does This Work And How Will An Upgrade Help ?

By Steve M Lobston

Memory or RAM is a piece of hardware in your DDR PC3200 that stores software applications your working on. It serves as short-term working space between your computer's hard drive and CPU.

Why add memory to my computer?

Adding memory will help your DDR PC3200 performance. Mainly, it will improve opening new applications, running multiple applications at once, and switching between software applications (multi-tasking).

How does additional memory enhance performance?

One task that further memory speeds up is opening a new software application. Let us take this as an example. When you open a new application on your DDR PC3200, the computer's CPU brings the application from the disk drive and holds it in RAM memory. It holds it in RAM since RAM is very fast compared to the hard drive. As soon as RAM gets full, and you open a new application then the CPU is required to remove one of your open applications, place it back on the slow hard drive, get the new application from the disk drive, and position the new application in RAM. Quite simply, it switches the applications.

This game of replacing wastes time. Ideally, your pc could have an infinite amount of RAM. Then your CPU would get an application once from the disc drive, load it into RAM, but not need to boot out a different application. There is no such thing as infinite RAM, but you can max out the RAM on your computer by adding the maximum amount of memory to each socket. So the more RAM you have the better !.

More About DDR RAM

DDR RAM is an acronym for double data rate random access memory, which is a temporary storage device, enabling fast access to data. DDR RAM functions twice as efficiently as its predecessor SDRAM, as it transfers twice the data at any given time utilizing the same clock speeds. This way, it effectively doubles the bandwidth available to the processor and the entire computer sub-system as well as transferring twice the amount of data. DDR SDRAM is available in four different clock speeds. DDR-200 runs at 100MHz, providing a bandwidth of 1.6GB/s and is also known as PC-1600. DDR-266 runs at 133 MHz, also known as PC-2100, giving 2.133 GB/s bandwidth. Next in the series is DDR-333 that runs at 166 MHz, called PC-2700 and gives 2.667 GB/s bandwidth. The last one is DDR-400, which is also called PC-3200 runs at 200 MHz, providing 3.200 GB/s bandwidth.

DDR RAM is delivered in different storage capacity such as 512 MB, 1 GB and the latest one 2 GB. DDR Ram of 1 GB is widely used by consumers due to easy availability and affordable price. What's more, a computer has four RAM slots in which a user can place four 1GB DDR RAMs resulting in faster processing for complicated applications. 1 GB capacity is satisfactory for most animations, games, video editing, and other multimedia applications. It also makes it possible for the user to open multiple windows at any given time without reducing computer speed. - 32198

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Ideas Don't Innovate

By James A Gardner

It is impossible to argue that fresh, new ideas are necessary if you are going to start an innovation effort. With no ideas, in the end, you're left with no innovation at all. But the issue is that so many people forget it takes more than a great idea to create an innovation which can actually generate value.

Besides ideas, you also need to concentrate on execution. It is execution that turns ideas into real products, services and process improvements. And it is execution where the hard work starts.

Why is it people forget this important detail? The answer is the process of generating ideas is intrinsically creative. It is a fun process, and one gets a feeling of accomplishment just because you've dreamed up something unique. Almost everyone has had the experience of a major brainstorming session that's resulted in a full whiteboard: leaving the room, you feel you've accomplished something extraordinary.

Most of the time, the idea goes no further than the whiteboard. People get so satisfied with their idea and the work that went into dreaming it up they forget there's lots more to do. Then, when they discover that someone else has not only had the same idea, they've actually executed on it, the feelings of regret start. They wonder "Why didn't we do that?". No-one likes feeling like that.

The answer is a systematic focus on execution, and the best way to get that is an innovation program. An innovation program allows creative people to focus on ideas, whilst taking away the detail steps of turning those ideas into something practicable. Creating an innovation program isn't necessarily simple, but it is an investment that reaps significant and sustained rewards over time. And it is an investment many companies are making these days in order to ensure they remain competitive. - 32198

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The Best Small Business Performance and Training System For Small Business That Wants To Increase Productivity

By Ed Williams

I have been reading quite a lot about time management and how to increase productivity when your running a small, medium or even home based business.

I personally felt like our business had problems being as productive as possible, and I have felt we haven't moved forward like we should for a while. So I decided to try to do something about our productivity by making some adjustments in our professional education and development.

I started viewing a site specific to this task, which contains a lot of very good and interesting productivity videos. One of these videos took me to a program called EDGE, Expert Directed Guidance Education and inspired me to start a new experiment, one of the Professional Development videos talks about how to wake up and instantly achieve something everyday. The basic of this video series is, that if you start your day off by doing your most important goal for that day, you will get a self-esteem boost and possibly get more done that day. Thinking that this would be a good mindset for our employees as well as my self.

I am not sure how this exactly will work on me and our employees. First of all, I have to admit that I am not a wide awake kind of morning person who jumps straight out of the bed - I need my coffee. If I try to exercise in the morning, I always feel ill and do not get as much out of the trip as if I do later in the day. If I get caught by some interesting work, I can stay up half the night and work where I suddenly notice that it is 5 am in the morning. So the thought of starting my day with actually doing the most important task for the day sounds a bit challenging.. None the less, I decided to give it a go.

I only just started on this experiment a few weeks ago, but the conclusion so far is that it actually works. So far I let my self make a cup of coffee and take my son to school, before I start working - but I try to avoid surfing the net, reading email, watching news or doing anything else that isn't what I set as my morning goal. I simply just make my coffee and have some family time before the school day starts, and then go directly into my office - close down my mail program, and only keep the windows open related to the work Im doing right at that moment.

It really works to focus on that achievement of the day, and no matter how much of the other stuff you planned to do that day, you know you got the most important thing done, because you did it first.

As for the experiment, I will continue on doing this and hopefully our staff will too; every night I decide what the first thing I will get done tomorrow will be. That way we don't have to spend the rest of the evening thinking about that thing, because I know it will be dealt with as the first thing tomorrow.

That and a lot of other interesting posts on EDGE and the mastermind group they sponsor have really inspired me, and I will try to follow more and more advice from sites and vblogs like EDGE. I hope this maybe has inspired you too.

EDGE Expert Directed Guidance Education for Business

Do you follow any of these EDGE videos or resources? Do you run experiments like that to increase your productivity, or do you have a special way of getting things done? I hope you will share your experiences with EDGE and ways of increasing productivity. - 32198

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What Is The Underlying Thought Behind Management Performance?

By Bruce Willis

Managing Performance is the operation of evaluation of progression, of an administration, towards a preferred goal. It is the measuring, analysis and optimization of tools to furnish a service at a level that has been agreed upon it concentrates on the deliverance of service.

The basic idea behind performance management is an operation through which the management combines the people, schemes and schemes, to maximise both strength and efficiency so to deliver the coveted results. Plainly put, the statement implies, doing the right things and doing the things right. That is, an industrious organisation must include one system that incorporates leadership, and the other that insists on reaching excellent.

A capable performance management in an establishment can reach leaders skills that can be elevated aboard attitudes, interpersonal skills and behaviours. This is an important prospect of managing performance as it aids in keeping and maintaining individuals who personify the underlying human capital of the organisations. As they are the ones accountable for the execution of the primary plans of the business concerns.

It is extremely principal for a business enterprise to have a strong, performance management. It should be able to pursue the systems, individuals and strategies actively, for the successful execution. This would also result in an addition in the sales and a greater profitability that would in all probability not be reachable, if the procedure was not implemented.

With an impressive performance management, commercial enterprise will flourish like never before. It is an exceedingly critical procedure of business management that is in use by managers of individuals, as an efficient instrument, that is utilized by them to reach the targets of the organization.

Performance Management may be able to implement the next commercial enterprise objectives: The missing link between aspirations and results: Nowadays, businesses are more and more conscious that it is usually not their scheme but the combined effort and abilities of their employees to put through the strategy that makes all the difference to their flourishing business. Consequently, it becomes the duty of top level directors to fill in the gap between the missing links of aspirations and effects, by motivating their employees, over management of their performance.

To increase the potential of an organization, in order to attain its strategy, it is important that the organization produces and creates the capabilities of its employees. Effective individual's management is the only key to better the businesses operation.

The most primary purpose of Performance Management is to increase the effectiveness of the employees. This should be complete, in order to improve the execution of the business.

Managing Performance is connected with paperwork, challenging conversations and bureaucracy, and is therefore often put away as a task no one wants to do. All The Same, Performance Management is an operation that affects individuals and managers that use the procedure on a frequent basis, to grow their effectiveness towards the employer's organization. - 32198

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Making Money Telling Jokes

By John Muller

Being a comic seems to be a great profession. It seems easy because people are always laughing at what you do and say. First of all be sure they are laughing because what you say is funny, not that you are acting like an idiot! At parties, people always gather around to listen to what you have to say. All right, that is a start, but again, it is important to be assured that you are saying funny things, not because after 5 beers, you can easily swallow 10 goldfish! You can learn to use some of these things as a comic, and you can learn how to make money being a comedian, but it is not easy.

Well, maybe! Many people are funny. There are lots of people that can make you laugh. There are some inherent challenges if there is a thought of a future in Comedy. But that does not mean you cannot earn a living as a comedian. People just flat out like to laugh. However, when they pay to see you make them laugh, it is a little different story. Consider this the next time you go to a Comedy Club. How many times have you walked out and thought you could have done better?

Remember that your material is only a part of your success. Your first job is to get people to like you. Just because you get a laugh at work when you tell a joke does not always transfer to the stage. Telling jokes will also not make you a comic. Your audience wants to know what you think about the world. They want to hear about the challenges that you encounter. Most importantly, they need to want to like you, but until you make them laugh, they do not!

Writing comedy seems easy. Many comics are so spontaneous that is seems as if they are making things up as they go along. This is not true. Every single line and movement is well rehearsed. However, because they have practiced these comments and facial expressions and literally every move, it seems as if it is happening right now. This is what practice will do for you.

With the mass appeal of viral marketing, it is pretty easy to record yourself and place it on one of the many sites that show videos. People are constantly searching for humorous items, so if you are funny, they will find you. If you have interesting opinions on current events or the crisis of the day, your viral audience will let you know.

This industry is all about being different. There are thousands of comics and most of them make a living doing it. If you see them on television, they are full time. They may work strip clubs and high school dance, but they are getting paid to be funny. If they can do it, perhaps you have a chance. The biggest challenge is having enough material.

To be able to get on stage it is necessary to have about 30 minutes of solid material. Unfortunately, the only method to be sure that you have great stuff to say, it to try it out on real people. Although your cat may think you are hilarious, paying customers may not find a hairball joke as funny as Mittens does. The thought of getting on stage must not frighten you.

People in a club are there to laugh and they want to laugh. So, if you have a nice personality you may get some laughs. When you win the audience over, you may even get sympathy laughs! Not likely what you are looking for, but a laugh is a laugh. Most importantly realize that you will need to become callous. People want your opinion and if it is funny, they will laugh. So, learn how to make money being a comedian, just plan on multiple failures and some major setbacks. Deal with those and who knows, maybe you will become the next big star! - 32198

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Using A Ceramic Header Coating To Reduce Engine Temperatures

By Javier Beddingfield

Reducing engine temperatures through application of a ceramic header coating can be a smart thing to do under certain situations, but most especially when safety and performance matter when it comes to an engine. Getting the temperature of a vehicle power plant down, especially near the head of the exhaust header, can be important because doing so may help improve performance while also improving safety.

For one, an engine bay or a compartment and the like that puts out a great deal of temperature, such as when a motorcycle engine is putting out exhaust through its exhaust headers or a street rod doing the same thing can generate extreme temperatures. When it does this, not only does performance suffer but people near these headers are in danger of burns if they accidentally touch header surfaces.

This is why it can be wise to look at anything on an engine that tends to emanate heat or that tends to build up heat within its interior surfaces. Taking a set of exhaust headers, for example, and then coating their interior or exterior (or both) surfaces with the right material can help to get temperatures emanating from the surface down to at least 300 degrees Fahrenheit from a high of 1200 degrees.

It's been the case that high-tech ceramics have been used for a variety of applications for decades, including with the space shuttle. Ceramic tiles, made with an ultra-secret manufacturing process, sit on the underbelly of the space shuttle and help to control heat build up that the shuttle experiences upon reentry into the atmosphere. These ceramic tiles do so quite easily, in truth.

There are a wide variety of ceramic header coating materials that can be found in a great many different motorcycle and automotive applications. For anybody who's ever ridden a motorcycle and who's had the misfortune to touch that exhaust header or pipe, appreciating the fact that a coating may be able to protect delicate skin should be reason enough for thinking about having it applied.

In general, the typical ceramic coating is intended to be applied to exhaust headers to control heat while also providing a great deal of protection from the elements, such as against salt spray that can end up hitting headers and other engine components. This usually is welcome protection, considering how much road salt can end up on the ground during a typical northern winter.

There are actually quite a few businesses that can be found online and which specialize in applying a nice ceramic header coating. Just check out the kinds of coatings they offer and what each is intended to do. Generally speaking, most such header coatings are meant to not only protect exterior surfaces but also to be applied to interior surfaces to smooth exhaust flow and increase engine performance. - 32198

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